Dear friend I hope you are doing well .

The year is almost done I cannot believe , it went by so fast . A lots things God has done by His grace. As Christians sometimes we come to a point where we recognize that it is not really by our strength but by  and  through Him and without Him we are nothing .


This is a powerful statement and one that I keep my faith focused on–trusting in His love and mercy. He always surprises me by showing  me that He is in control of everything.


God is God all the time!!


As most of you already know, here in Sao Paulo we are having a lot of violence between the police and  the people from the PCC.   Lots people have been murdered.  Since  the beginning of this year, 90 policeman have been murdered.


Please check the news.


Today, this afternoon, Public Safety Commission  will discuss the  violence in Sao Paulo. We’re invited to  the debate of  the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Superintendent of the Federal Police in São Paulo, and the Department of Public Safety of the State of São Paulo.


I would like to invite you to be praying for safety in Sao Paulo, especially for the kids from the ministry– those who are living in this environment that Jesus will protect their mind, heart and keep them safe.


Just for you have idea, two weeks ago we did the Agita Program (VBS) in the morning at Vila Rosa but in afternoon the drug dealers wouldn’t let us do it. They have what they call curfew where everybody stays home , the schools were closed and businesses as well. The one who coordinate this is the pcc group who control when and where should close.


The saddest thing is that for  most of the children this type of violence becomes normal  because it is something they deal with  frequently.  It becomes not a big deal.  Before this was only more around the poor community right in Sao Paulo but now it is in every social class neighborhoods.


Our prayers is for God to give wisdom  and courage for the  leaders of Sao Paulo  to make the right decisions and  to find a way to control the situation .

Join us in prayers !!


Other  prayer resquests:

• For Tati and Wellignton who are in USA for a conference in Oregon and visiting some churches

• For Pastor Antonio’s mom who is in the Hospital

• For each community we work within

• For the home service that we have weekly at Iguatemi

• For the  Saturday service that we have at Vila Rosa

• For Myself , Paulo Sofia and Daniel

• For the team from Oregon  that is arriving in December

• For the Christmas Program at RM  Church

• For the Kid’s Christmas Program

Have a great day!

God bless each one of you

In Him

Ireni Mota

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Ireni Mota

Sou casada tenho dois filhos, sou assistente social diretora da Associação Restauração

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