The last few days!

We had many activities in the last few days, and now we are going to share a little bit of those. With the arrival of the William Jessup team, we took our teenagers to spend a fun and communion weekend at Camp California. A place they call “a piece of heaven”.  We had music, crafts, and a soccer tournament, with first, second and third place. It was an amazing weekend!

During the week, the team was involved in three agitas in different communities. We had afternoon coffee with God, English with Redseed Idiomas, visited Itaquera church and celebrated birthdays.

It was an exciting week!

Celebrate and Worship Him

We are grateful for God’s mercy and grace.

We can see many lives being transformed by His power  .  It has been a privilege to be part of God’s mission .

We had a blessed celebration with the women at Vila Rosa Community Church . To see their happiness in praising and worship Him it brought joy to our heart  by knowing  their history  what  they have been  facing  day by they ; some of the women their husband  are in jail or involved with drug business or are  alcoholic , despite all this they have joy !

We can see how God is working on their lives  and  molding  them . Many of them  accepted Christ and are learning how to follow  and walk with God  .

Please  enjoying us with your prayers  !

A video celebration at Vila Rosa Community 



What happened at Restoration Ministries

We had 3 fun agitas (VBS) at the communities we reach and Laura blesses us with an amazing lunch. Miriam our volunteer developed a craft with the women talked about being “salt and light”. Gisele and Jodi taught english in an interactive and fun way.
We also had our after-school program with Daniele. They could play many fun games and great activities, the kids had an awesome time of learning and encouragement at Promorar.

volunteers meeting

Check it out a little bit of our breakfast with the volunteers. What an amazing and inspiring morning, where had the pleasure of having people from other churches with us.

We had a wonderful speech from the Brazilian and from the USA, from Jodi Sassenrath who is staying with Restoration ministries for six month, was shared share how has been her experience by living and serving a another culture , as well from Champion Fellowship Church through Pr. Tim Weeb , it was very powerful his message .

Our challenge is to get new volunteers to be with us weekly.
We have 200 children and adolescents involved in small group clubs
and we need help .
Pray with us that the Lord will send the people
Thanks so much for been partnering with us

Children’s day celebration

The main focus of our work at restoration ministries is to reach the kids, teenagers, and the communities where they live.
In our projects with them, the objective and the central focus of ministry is to reach them through the love of Christ and see these people transformed in Him.
We can look forward to the future and see that a new hope exists in Christ.

Check out a little bit of our kids party. We reached about 550 kids in 2 days. What a blast!

Thank you all for your prayers.