Restoration Ministries offers a variety of outreach programs for children and the community:

Agita Restauração

Agita resturação

Agita is the name of our children’s program. We take it to the streets of the communities we work in, and put on a sort of Christian block party with a touch of vacation bible school.





Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, dance movements and music. The group typically meets twice a week at our main daycenter.

Muay Thai


English Classes


We offer classes in English geared towards children, teens, and young adults. This important skill will open doors and opportunities for them in the job market.

After School Program


Music Classes

aula-de-violc3a3o.pngOur music ministry reaches people of all ages through choir, voice lessons, and instrumental instruction.

Women’s Service


Bible Studies – Small Groups

Foto estudo biblico

Planting Churches

Camp California, Vila Rosa, and Promorar
planting churches - inglês

Restoration Ministries Church


Our church was founded through the relationships we have built in Restoration Ministries.

Special Events

Christmas Party – December

Christmas Party Inglês

Kids Party – October

Kids Party Inglês

We enjoy doing special events for the kids, or teens, or the community. We want to be a blessing to the people around us. Our special events are a great way to generate enthusiasm and provide opportunities to welcome people into our ministry.

Teen Art Club

Teen Art Club is open to all teens in the surrounding area. The goal is to provide a place of community for teens that will allow them to grow in their relationship with Christ.

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