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Business as a Mission and English Teaching

Our goal is to use our skills and the resources provided by the Lord in a way that honors our resources and allows us to use them effectively while honoring the Lord in ministry.  Over the years, we have developed a high degree of competence with the English language, and because the demand for English skills is high, we believe this is an area where we are equipped to move quickly to begin reaching our vision.

Our initial strategy involves developing an English as a Second Language school using biblically based curriculum. We began by offering classes to adults, and as we develop more competencies, add classes for teens and children learners.  Our goal is to use individuals from the Restoration Ministry church community as teachers and support staff, and supplement our capabilities with long-term American teachers (3 to 6 months commitment, but we will consider less) who are looking for opportunities to serve God’s calling in a practical manner.

American Participants as Missionaries – The goal of using participants from America is to partner with Brazilian ESL teachers.  The RM ESL school will cater to the strengths of both local and American teachers. The local teachers teach grammar, writing, punctuation and verb conjugation. The American teacher will focus on pronunciation and proper usage. The American teachers are very important in helping students to practice and improve fluency. This will provide a major differentiator for Restoration Ministries, as no Brazilian private schools offer this level of instructional support to the learning process. In addition, American teachers will have the ability to build relationships with ESL students for the sake of representing the gospel.

Opportunity Responsibilities

1-    Teach in partnership with local teachers. Both ESL classes, students in fee-based and teenagers at the slums.

2-  Depending on the class subject and students level, American teachers will also sporadically lead classes as well.

3-    Plan, organize and execute “Immersion Classes”

In order to distinguish our offerings from other English schools, we also offer a different class, titled “immersion class”. An Immersion Class is accomplished through scheduling an event based on real-world scenarios. The purpose of the event is to teach specific vocabulary for the scenario. Examples of Immersion Classes that have been conducted have included a Beauty shop and a Thanksgiving gathering. We put together a beauty salon and offered different services, manicure, back or face massage, makeup, hairstyles, etc. The class included an introduction to all the vocabulary and the process for ordering services. As an added bonus, actual services were provided as part of the class.  The Thanksgiving gathering introduced the tradition of Thanksgiving and taught vocabulary related to tableware and the holiday. The immersion classes themes can be anything from Mexican restaurants, teaching an American dish recipe, playing an American sport, going to a coffee shop, etc.

American teachers would take the lead on planning and implementing Immersion classes assisted by national teachers. You and the ESL school coordinator will discuss ideas before you come, so you can come ready and maybe bring supplies from America to make the experience even more real!

4-    Assisting in RM Ministry Activities. When classes are not in session, it is expected that American teachers would be helping in other ministry areas when not involved with English classes, including Camp California, Agita, home visits, events, evangelism, etc.

Teaching Structure – There are two different ESL classes. Students in fee-based classes and teenagers that are part of the ministry who take English classes in addition to their bible studies.

Our curriculum is bible based and the teacher embodies a biblical worldview, engaging in transformational teaching and discipleship while helping students move towards personal and professional growth.

Teaching Requirement – Experience teaching Sunday School or Bible Clubs. Evangelistically oriented. Able to get along well with people and build relationships, motivate the students. Able to learn and teach languages, flexible.

It’s not required, but it would be good if the person is pursuing or have completed a college degree preferably in education. Training and experience in Teaching English as a Second Language are desirable yet not mandatory.

How to apply

  1. Applicant must go through a formal application process and be approved by the national ministry and designated board representative. Please send us an email for more info about the application process and costs. 

Preparation Process – You will receive training material on how to teach English in a foreign country. The material will also be provided to instruct you on how to embody a biblical worldview in a classroom. You will have a mentor who will go through with you on our training process. Colleene Isaacs, a member of the RM advisory will provide mentorship during your training process. You will also receive infield training.

Special Project (optional) – Depending on your skills and experience and ministry needs, we welcome you to develop a special project during your time in Brazil. For example, you may be gifted in the arts, and you would like to teach it from a biblical perspective for the kids. Or you may be gifted in sports. You are welcome to do sports classes with the kids. If your gift is organizing you are welcome to help us. We can make arrangements for you to teach the class or help us in your gift area. You would need to provide the funding for the materials you would need to conduct the project

 We hope you could prayerfully consider serving alongside with us!

For further information please contact:

Colleene Isaacs at


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