Restoration Ministries Video

Dear Friends  I hope you enjoy the video below, it is a excited ministry , keep us in your prayers ! You can find our more about us at:

Facebook: restorationministriesbrazil


Ministry video 

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Missions Trips

I praise the Lord for the teams that come to serve along side with us , God has blessed in both ways as we can see trough all this years .

We had seeing our brothers and sister from overseas that come, and have the experience to serve in the ministry in many different areas with their gift and it is a blessing to see how god has working in their lives , as they say it is a life change experience . As well they have been a blessing to Restoration Ministries impacting many lives .

I would like to encourage you to THINK, PRAY AND COME to have this experience in brazil . I always say to the individual that come ” You will work had on the ministry , but also you will have a fun time as well “.

Oak Hills Church From Folsom, Ca

Champion Fellowship from Breham,TX

Heights Baptist Church, Billigs, MT

William Jessup University

Pr James and Amanda Berteige From Life House Church, Folsom CA


From the left to the right side Patricia Arias and Karen Bicheno from EQUADOR


Leticia , Patricia and Karen 

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Restoration Ministries Baptist

Dear friends thanks so much for all your prayers , we celebrate with you what God has done in many people life, the heaven rejoiced with many lives declaring that God is their savior thought the baptism , what a blessing time .

Paulo and I were happy then ever seeing Sofia getting baptized , as well people from  Vila Rosa, Day Center and Camp California Church

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Teaching the kids about Christ trough Capoeira

The  Lord for Igor one of our leaders that came to Christ trough Capoeira Ministry. Today he is one of our full time leader and teaching capoeira to the kids at Vila Rosa Church  .

The kids are enjoying and getting along with the classes and trough this had learning about Christ .

Please keep this ministry in your prayers!


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Kids Christmas Celebration !

Last Christmas  was a blessing . Every year on Chistmas we look for persons touched by God to help our kids, giving Christmas gift (such as : clothes , toy and a shoe , if it was possible ) this way we are able to attend all children we work with.  Thanks so ,much for your prayers ! You are part of all this, making a difference  along side with us !

We made a party to hand out the gifts. Kids, staff and volunteers had a blessed and lovely time full of hope and fun. It was awsome to see the smile on their faces when they open up their gifts. It was a blessed time to have the kids celebrating the the real reason of Christmas all together !!!!!

ns 9

ns 12ns 17

We praise God for this moment, for the funny party, and for everything he has provided!

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The Childrens Day Celebration

We had a fun party for Restoration Ministries Kids .

We were able to bring the kids from the 4 comnunities that we work with  . We had one  party in the morning and one afternoon . The kids and the adults had so much fun . It was a blessed time  .

IMG_8225 c3IMG_8028c4 c6
IMG_8028c8 c9 IMG_8061c10IMG_7995IMG_8060IMG_8061IMG_7955IMG_7979IMG_7980IMG_8050IMG_7935

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Vila Rosa Church dedication !

We just finished the first fase of Vila Rosa church construction .

We had a amazing time last night at Vila Rosa Church worshiping the Lord. It was amazing to see the kids and the adults been open to Christ  .

I am thankful   for your prayers and passion for Restoration Ministries .

Watch the video below:

Let the little ones come to me


IMG_7740 IMG_7743 IMG_7744 IMG_7745 IMG_7746 IMG_7747 IMG_7755 IMG_7758 IMG_7760 IMG_7762 IMG_7765 IMG_7773 IMG_7777 IMG_7792 IMG_7802 IMG_7819 IMG_7820 IMG_7824 IMG_7836 IMG_7860 IMG_7867 IMG_7873 IMG_7708 IMG_7711 IMG_7712 IMG_7718 IMG_7720 IMG_7722 IMG_7723 IMG_7725

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