Hi Everyone


I am at  Lakeside church, Folsom CA. I came to spend some time in a meeting with  pastor Jeff Kreiser, he is helping us to develop a Transformational Leadership Program that I am sure will be the rouge impact in RM next  year for His Kingdown!

It has been a blessed time to be here, meeting new brothers  and sisters in Christ, even all the work we are going through this week has been a time of refreshment to me, and I am really enjoying my time.

Also I visited  Arcade church on Sunday morning and it was so special to see everyone, and speak at the church.

In Sao Paulo a lots thing are happening onthe ministries everyone  is so busy. I would like to invite you to pray for:

Rm team health, for CorvallisTeam from  Oregon  that will be arriving on this coming friday for 10 days , safety, for the teen camp that will be helping on this coming weekend, for the English graduation that will be happening on dec 16, Tati has been the  wonderfull  teacher  on this program that has been so fruitfful, for the Sharing Cristmas Program that will happen on december 18, for our brother and sisters in Crist that will be baptized  on dec 19 at the Restoration Church!

Praise the Lord for the Impact that he has in peoples live!

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Ireni Mota

Sou casada tenho dois filhos, sou assistente social diretora da Associação Restauração

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