Praise the Lord!

Praise The Lord!

          Rodrigo(Italia)                       Marcelo (Chocolate )

Restoration Ministries Familly want to say thanks to all of you for your care and prayers for Rodrigo ( Itália).
We are sending an update  on Italia’s health as a result of the visit from Tatiane ( RM Coordinator ) to him.
Good (but guarded) news!  I went to visit Italia today.  The doctor was able to take out his breathing tube and Italia is breathing on his own!  
What a wonderful praise and answer to prayer!!
The doctor said wanted all to know that he may not be able to maintain the independent breathing.  If he does not, they can re-position a breathing tube, but at that point, they would most likely do a tracheotomy.
His skull injury has caused a lesion in the front part of his brain.  This part of the brain controls behavior as well as his breathing.
 He is also mixing up his nights and days.  He is sleeping most of the day and is more awake at night (unfortunately when no one is visiting).  He opens his eyes some but does not “track”.  He seems to react to family and friends/prayers and song.
 Another praise: the lung infection is completely controlled.  
The doctor will continue watching the lesion for the next few days.  We are not sure what they will do at that point.  But we continue to pray for Italia to become more alert and start reacting to his environment.  He is not out of the woods.
But God is good and in control!  Keep up the prayers, dear friends.”
In Him
Restoration Ministries Family

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