Up date on Italia’s Health

“I just heard from the hospital. According with the doctors Italia´s still in coma, yesterday they took out all the sedatives to see how he would react.

I, my mom, his mom, Wellington, visited him yesterday and today, and we all saw him moving a lot in the bed, arms, legs, hands, trying to lift up head, moving tongue.

The doctor said it is a reflex. But it is incredible how when we pray, read the bible, or mention people´s name he get really agitated.

Yesterday he tighten his mom hands when she was saying to him she loved him.

He opened his eyes when I prayed for him.

He tryed to sit when Wellington said Chocolate (Marcelo) was downstairs, and he cryed when Wellington sang to him. A tear came out of his eye.

Praise the Lord! We believe some how he´s been listening to us.

 The bad news is, he got a infection in his blood, lungs and trachea. Also he is breathing by machines. If he keeps needing them, they will do a tracheotomy in his neck so he is able to breathe.”

Tatiane Araujo

Ken was at the hospital to visit Italia this afternoon. When Ken talked   and prayed for him, he tried to move his lips.

Continue to pray for our church as they grow in their faith in God.

Arlene Flurry

Thanks so much for all your prayers for Italia, his family and the ministry.

We love you all!

In Him



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Ireni Mota

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