Arcade Church Team

]Dear friends, I hope you are doing well.

Right know we are at Camp California having a great time with a team from Arcade Church, Sacramento.

The weather has been good, the children are enjoying.

See other comments and thoughts from the team members below.

PTL ! We made it here OK and without incident. Thank you for your prayers and support. We felt them. On fact yesterday after prior to the arrival of the kids, fire broke out on the property next door. It turned into a serrious fire that threatened the camp. People had to act fast. The wind was beginning to pick up and the only barrier between the fire and the camp was the dirt road leading past the camp property. Fortunately, some of the staff lit back fires and we prayed and prayed. The camp was spared with no damage. The adjoining property no doing as well. There are no CDF, volunteer, or municipal fire departments around here so people are really left to thier own devices.

In Him Pastor Dann,

Thank you for your prayers they are truly felt.

Welllington Barros – RM Coordinate and a Whorship leader.

We are having a blessed and fun time.

I am trying hard to blow this ballon.



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