Prayer Resquest for Raphaelly

Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you to pray for Raphaelly, Tati’s nice. She has leukima , she has  doing quimioterapy.

Yesterday she wasn’t doing, went to the hospital where she had a convulsion and the doctors put her on the intensive care treatment. Tati was with her when this happenend .

Today Raphaelly was doing better, she was talking, mad because she is at he hospitall. She is a special  and funny girl, makes  everyone who is around her smile.

Praise the Lord she is doing better, but still a long way to go. The doctors did some test on her, and the family are waiting for the results  for find out what the next step to take.

Thanks so much for be a prayer partner on this matter.

We really appreciated and love you all.

Published by

Ireni Mota

Sou casada tenho dois filhos, sou assistente social diretora da Associação Restauração

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